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Ear Piercing

At Walton Pharmacy, we understand ear piercing.We have a walk in service, with no appointment needed.Our pharmacist , who has over 20 years experiance in ear piercing, will help you thorugh the process. It’s about so much more than an earring. It’s about trust. It’s a rite of passage. A special moment between a mother and her daughter. Make those moments wonderful and carefree. Use Walton Pharmacy to ensure your moment will be a positive one, We pierce ear lobs only and for babies from 6 months and older.

FREE earpiercing and aftercare solution.

We have a range of earrings to siut all skin types and tastes:

24ct Gold plated

Medical Grade Steel

14ct Yellow Gold

14ct White Gold


Earrings start from just £9.95

No extra to pay

FREE Earpiercing

FREE aftercare solution

No appointment, just call in at a time to suit you.

Just call us on 0844 288 0300 if you have any questions

We only use high quality ear piercing system made by Inveness-a sterile system with a patented design , desiged to cause least pain ( due to a very thin post), many other systems use a thick post,, which can lead to more pain and a larger piercing hole.

Peace of Mind Piercing

At Walton Pharmacy, we are committed to making sure your ear piercing experience is the best it can be by providing the safest, most technologically-advanced ear piercing system available, we only use the Inverness system.*

Integrity & Innovation

The Inverness system safely & quickly pierces ears in 3 EASY STEPS using a gentle, hand-pressured instrument and sterile, pre-sealed hypoallergenic piercing earrings.

You may see similar ear piercing systems on the market, but only Inverness has

1:  Fully Enclosed Earring Capsules

Uunique, fully-enclosed earring capsules guarantee the safest ear piercing possible by preventing the piercing earring and Safety Back™ from being exposed to possible contaminants prior to piercing.

2: Patented Safety Back™

The patented Inverness Safety Back is designed to shield the sharp piercing tip and prevent the earring back from being squeezed too tight. This promotes safer healing by allowing proper air flow while the piercing heals.

Safe & Gentle

The Inverness System was designed for peace of mind piercing.

Other systems use loud spring-loaded piercing guns and blunt & thick post piercing earrings that hurt and cause tissue damage. Inverness Piercing Earrings are designed for the gentlest piercing experience possible. Our earrings feature ultra-thin piercing posts with an extra-sharp piercing tip that glides easily through the earlobe with hand pressure for a smooth, gentle piercing.

Our patented Inverness instrument was engineered to use easy-loading sterile capsules that won’t fall out, even if the instrument is held upside down. Our unique push button eject system allows the piercer to dispose of the used capsule safely without touching it.

Our Piercing Earrings

As we like to say at Walton Pharmacy, piercing is about so much more than an earring. But when it comes to choosing the jewelry you will be wearing for the 4 to 6 weeks it takes for your piercing to heal, it’s important to make the right choice. With Inverness, that’s easy.


Our piercing earrings are as unique as you are. We have every color of the rainbow. Sparking crystals. Bold designs. Brilliant cubic zirconia. Delicate flowers & butterflies. Simple gold balls and classic 4-prong settings. All in a range of sizes & metal choices to match your look and your budget.


As beautiful as our earrings are, it’s how they are made that will give you true peace of mind. We use only the best materials available. All of our piercing earrings are made with ultra-thin piercing posts & an extra-sharp tip for the gentlest piercing possible.

Safety & Sterility

Inverness piercing earrings are packaged in sterile, tamper-resistant cartridges. Each individual earring & Safety Back™ are fully-enclosed in our sterile earring capsules to guard against exposure to potential contaminants prior to piercing.

Our Metals

All of our gold products have very low nickel content – less than 0.05%. Since nickel, a common metal allergen,  is used to strengthen many metal alloys, ALL Inverness piercing earrings meet the most stringent global standards for nickel release requirements (European Union Nickel Release Directive 2004/96/EC, No. 1907/2006, REACH Annex XVII)

Our surgical grade titanium earrings are 100% nickel-free, providing maximum peace of mind for people with known nickel allergies.


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